Paris – a Destination for Sexual Tourism?

Paris – a Destination for Sexual Tourism?

Did you know that the beautiful Palais Royal was a popular protitution area during the 18th century? The “beavers” (so they were called) would operate in the aisles of the Palais Royal, so next time you go shopping under the arcades of Palais Royal, remember how this place used to be back then. Even if it has turned nowadays into a hipster territory, the splendors of prostitution in France still include some risqué spots.


So, if you want to experience the Paris Nightlife and its bars, there are some tips we can give you. Warnings in Paris for visitors of the Quartier Pigalle, Red Light District, have occurred, so although it may conjure up excitement, it comes with danger. The Paris Red Light district, where you can find world-famous landmarks, is located around Place Pigalle and is named after Jean-Baptiste Pigalle.


Home to the historical Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, the area harbors some infamous prostitutes so if you are visiting these areas at night just walk away. The famous Moulin Rouge is situated within the Paris Red Light district and known for bartenders who are keen to charge for weak drinks and the common fights. However, it is common for beggars to wander the streets, and you can even see people digging in trash bins, so in this case it’s best to avoid contact. If you are into this type of scene, you should know that prostitution is against the law in Paris, so you might have problems with the law enforcement for entering a brothel in Paris. Pickpockets are prevalent in the bars within the Paris Red Light district, as well.


If you are planning a naughty holiday in France, check out the Paris cabaret for tourists. Love is on the corner of each street, but you can only have a perfect stay in the city of love if you have somebody to share it with. Paris is in the ranking for single people, as nothing can be more romantic than a new encounter in Paris. So, for the single men out there, there is always the option of requesting the services of a lovely escort to show you a good time around Paris. However, if you decide to hire an escort make sure you find a reliable agency with high-class ones, in order to have an amazing experience. You may check some escort listings here :


If sex is on your mind, France is undoubtedly the place to go, as there are more than 400 swingers clubs. Natives and tourists mix in these extremely elegant clubs where you shouldn’t be shocked if you bump into members of the French Parliament in a suit and, such as former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn in Les Chandelles. Alain Plumey says that “It’s become a leisure activity”, but some clubs can be hard on your ego. We hope you will be able to resist the glamorous naughtiness of the city which has been called by many names, such as the City of Love, Paname, or even the City of Sex.

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