5 of the Best Paris Restaurants

5 of the Best Paris Restaurants

There are more than 70 Michelin-starred restaurants, such as the legendary outfit serving grand classics in the Eiffel Tower, in true Parisian style, but also some excitingly affordable joints, where guests can feast on everything up to gourmet pancakes. Over the last 10 years    Paris has provided the best food in Europe, so if you want to know where to find perfect steak frites or roasted chicken and wine in the City of Light read on. Couscous plays an important role in France, so Mansouria is the place to go now for the best one in the French capital.


The Parisian dining scene is unlike any other, because in the city’s top gourmet establishments the exquisite French cooking is paired with exceptional service. There’s also been a renaissance of traditional bistros and stylish restaurants made famous by Escoffier, with dishes such as veal in cream sauce, which is why some restaurants had to leave the list. Divellec and Comice, by a Canadian-born chef add a more comprehensive take on Paris, but you will need to consult our other articles to find out more on this matter.


The gastronomic excellence in Paris is renowned for its sophistication, which is why we made a hand-picked selection of the 5 best restaurants where meals become artistic masterpieces. While Les Philosophes and Chez Aline make way for the more affordable Hugo & Co, regional French cooking is making a comeback with Baieta’s Provencal cuisine and Chez Denise-La Tour de Montlhéry. You’ll find some of the world’s very best restaurants selected, with a galaxy of Michelin stars.


  1. L’Abeille, Shangri-La hotel

Reservations are essential if you want to have dinner at this haute-cuisine restaurant. L’Abeille is an elegant setting which has been awarded two Michelin stars in 2016 for its mix of grand ingredients and plenty of vegetables, such as the rabbit with Swiss chard and truffles.


  1. Alain Ducasse, Plaza Athenée

We recommend the langoustine tartare, which is seasoned with lime juice and pepper, having thus a pure ocean taste. Ducasse’s most ambitious project takes an architectural approach to dining, favoring simple furnishings, finely molded dove-colored walls complemented by modern table settings with a splash of orange and delicate crystals suspended on invisible strings.


  1. Guy Savoy

The gourmet restaurant Guy Savoy sits among the top of this list for the second year running, due to the chef who owns it. One of his key principles is that we should only ever savor what is seasonally available, such as the ‘Huîtres en nage glacée’ with their Michelin-Starred breathtaking presentation and mastery of technique.


  1. Comice

Hananova’s wine list is terrific, and the inventive contemporary French cooking brings along dishes such as duck foie gras with hazelnuts, strawberries, balsamic, and black pepper. The bulk of Paris’s famed haute cuisine has reached the year-old Comice, an indulgence that won’t completely melt your credit card, while keeping an elegant character.


  1. Le Meurice

It was redecorated by Philippe Starck several years ago, but the mosaic floor, heavy damask curtains at the windows and the magnificent space was kept.

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